17-19 nov. 2021 Nançay (France)


  NenuFAR 2nd User Workshop

November 17-19, 2021

Last news, early results, practical sessions, pipelines and tools

Wednesday 17 November 2021 - Friday 19 November 2021
Station de Radioastronomie de Nançay
Route de Souesmes, 18330 Nançay
We aim at preparing the opening of NenuFAR to future PI programmes, keeping in mind the complementarity with LOFAR 2.0 planned for early 2022. It will also be the time to review what happened during NenuFAR "Early Science" phase.
We also want to offer to users and potential users, the opportunity to get the last up-to-date information about the instrument, data processing methods and facilities illustrated by what has already been achieved in this early phase. Participants will get a chance of doing practical sessions around various projects and tools (Beamforming, pulsar, imaging, etc.) with NenuFAR data.
In the workshop, we will address :
- Presentation & updates on the instrument (technical presentations, and organization according to the Science Management Plan)
- Key Programme presentations (Observation, methodologies, early results)
- Hands-on on reduction tools, pipelines, computing/storage ressources
- Discussions/ Questions / Future plans

Contact info
Have questions? Please contact the organizers.
Confirmed Speakers
Philippe Zarka, Julien Girard, Cédric Viou, Alan Loh, Baptiste Cecconi, Florent Mertens, Lucie Cros, Etienne Bonnassieux, Laurent Lamy, Valentin Decoene, Gregory Hellbourg, Damien Boureille, Eoin Carley, Jean-Mathias Griessmeier, Louis Bondonneau, Richard Dallier 
Julien Girard, Jean-Mathias Griessmeier, Alan Loh, Cédric Viou, Florent Mertens, Philippe Zarka, Louis Bondonneau, Baptiste Cecconi, Etienne Bonnassieux, Christophe Taffoureau, Evangelia Tremou
Stéphane Corbel, Samuel Garnier, Veronique Etieve, Emmanuel Thetas










Preparing for the workshop

The workshop will be held in Nançay Radioastronomie Center. Please bring a laptop (with an Ethernet interface) with you.  Power, Routers and cables will be accessible in the workshop rooms.

The station is a radio-protected area so usage of cellphones, WIFI, Bluetooth devices is forbidden on the Station.

Take warm winter clothing as temperature can be low next to the forest.


Due to COVID restrictions, accommodation on site can be restricted.  There might be few rooms available but the safest solution is to book a hotel among the following:

  • Station guest house (On-site) shared or individual rooms : 20€/n  NO MORE ROOM AVAILABLE 
  • L'Antilope (Nançay - 4.7km - 6 min drive): Web page or Facebook page ~ 90€/n
  • Les Crocus (Nançay  - 4.7km - 6 min drive): Page This hotel is being closed but it might be still possible to get a room there (please contact us for booking)
  • Au bord du Monde (Neuvy-Sur-Barangeon - 10.8km from the station - 12 min drive):  Website (close to an truck axis, can be noisy, be warned)
  • Le Lion d'Or (Salbris - 13.6 km - 15 min drive) Google page or Facebook ~70€/n
  • Hôtel le Parc de Sologne (Salbris) : Google Page  ~100€/n
  • Domaine du Valaudran (Salbris) : Google Page ~100€/n
  • Hôtel Le Sauldraie (Salbris) : Google Page ~100€/n
  • Auberge du Cheval Blanc (Selles-sur-Cher - 24.8 km - 25 min drive): Google Page ~70€/n 
Please check the respective hotels ratings to find a place that match your expectations.
  • Arriving by train
If you wish to arrive by train, you should take a train (TER or Intercité) to "Salbris" train station (Oui sncf website) which is 15 min away  from Nançay.
There is no "formal" shuttle between the train station to the Nançay radioastronomy station. However, we will try to organize carpooling (organizers & participants) between hotels/train station and the Nançay station.
If you have the opportunity to rent a car, it is the safest way to insure your autonomy.

  • Arriving by car
From Paris, take the southern Highway A10, passed Orleans, take the A71 towards Clermont Ferrand. Take the exit N°4 "Salbris" and take direction "Salbris".
Passed the round-about, take the direction of Nançay. In Nançay center, turn left to pass in front of the church and exit the town. Take slighlty on the left in the direction of the Nançay Station. You should enter by the Northern Entrance so do not enter the Pôle des Étoiles, but continue on the road for a few km then turn right. Enter the large gate to the parking. The meeting point is in the conference room (check map).
Eating at the station
Coffee breaks will be complimentary.
Lunch will be served every day at 12:30 (sharp) on the Station.
Cost status of lunch will be complimentary.

A social dinner will take place on Nov 17th at 7pm, it is complimentary.

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